Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Science plays a key part in our secondary curriculum. It provides students with knowledge and information to understand how and why things work as they do. Science provides a wealth of knowledge for young people from how our bodies function through to new technologies in renewable energy resources. Science also provides students with the opportunity to carry out their own experiments and investigations to increase their understanding and retain information.

Science teaching at Key Stage 3 builds on what pupils have learnt from primary school. A range of topics are studied which cover all three components of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This provides the building blocks for a more detailed study of Science as pupils progress through the school.

Science is a core curriculum subject at Key stage 4, and our Science Department consistently achieves extremely good GCSE results. Most pupils will follow the AQA Combined Science Trilogy GCSE syllabus which awards two GCSEs. The course is made up one third each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics with pupils sitting all the exams at the end of Year 11.

We do offer separate Science GCSE awards in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for our most able, keen and committed Science students.