Drama and Music

At Heathland School we pride ourselves on the high calibre performance of our children. This department is dynamic and stimulating. All students have class music lessons from the age of four, where they learn how to play, listen to and write music. In addition, pupils can have individual lessons in singing, piano, keyboard or guitar, and many of them are keen to do so. We also offer drama and dance lessons as part of the curriculum, with a professional drama teacher.

Every year we put on two whole school performances to showcase our talented performers. To achieve this the music teacher, the drama teacher and all our staff work together with the students to produce a musical. In recent years we have performed 'Oliver', 'Jungle Book', 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'The Lion King'.

At Christmas, the junior pupils perform a musical play which incorporates a nativity. Every year our school choir takes part in 'The Celebration of Music', a Rotarian school festival, where we have been very well received for a number of years. We have produced CDs of our pupils singing, which have proved very popular, for we always have a number of excellent singers.

A small number of our students choose to study Music at GCSE Level. This is possible even if it is on an individual basis. In the GCSE programme of study, students work on four skill areas. Unit One is Listening and Appraising Music. Here they study rhythm and metre, harmony and tonality, texture and melody, structure and form, timbre and dynamics. In Unit Two students use modern technology and recording software alongside traditional techniques to compose two pieces of music. The third part of the course is performance, where pupils sing or play an instrument individually and as part of a group.

The true strengths of this department are the enthusiasm it generates in our pupils and the love that they develop of performing.