Learning French and Spanish

Here at Heathland we firmly believe that a language is a skill for life. Our goal is to make the learning of French and Spanish fun, lively and stimulating, bringing a definite "je ne sais quoi" to the curriculum! Ultimately we aim for every pupil to leave the school confident that they can communicate effectively in one – or both – of the languages offered. As such, all pupils are encouraged to study at least one language at GCSE level.


At Heathland French is taught by a fluent specialist teacher from the Lower Juniors. At this early stage, emphasis is placed on the learning through participation in fun activities such as songs, games and French food tasting events, whilst senior pupils follow the “Studio” textbooks and the AQA specification for GCSE.


Spanish is also taught by a fluent, specialist teacher from Senior 1 through to GCSE in Senior 5. Being the second most widely spoken language after Chinese Mandarin, we at Heathland feel that the study of Spanish adds greatly to our career prospects, and to the enjoyment of working, living and travelling abroad. Spanish learning is a stimulating, challenging and satisfying intellectual experience, as well as a lifelong accomplishment. At Key Stage 3, all pupils use the Viva textbook and are strongly encouraged to use the language for real purpose in lessons. As with French at Key Stage 4, pupils follow the AQA specification for the GCSE course and results are excellent.