Art Department

The Art Department at Heathland School is a dynamic and vibrant place to study. From Year 7, students are given a solid foundation course focusing on the fundamental elements of Art, giving them the skills to develop their own work. Each year a different group of artists, both historical and contemporary are studied giving proper context to the developing work.

Portraiture, landscape, Mexican Day of the Dead, Pop Art and Gaudi’s architecture are studied in Year 7&8. Year 9 students focus on more extended projects with more scope for individual outcomes in readiness for the rigour of GCSE Art and Design.

The school offers a range of creative trips throughout the year, the Knitting and Stitching Exhibition is a popular destination, recently the British Museum in London and the Tate Gallery in Liverpool, these all help to expand the students understanding of the role of the Arts and the Artist in today's society.

Heathland School offers GCSE Art and Design following the AQA syllabus. We have the luxury of small class sizes and subsequently, students can be much more ambitious in the scale and nature of their work. The Art department has had a very high pass rate at GCSE over the years and students work is exhibited regularly around the school.

We offer clubs at lunchtimes for students, both Art Club and Textiles clubs are very popular and the rooms are usually open for students to complete any outstanding work with supervision during the rest of the week.

Textiles Department

The students are able to immerse themselves in a range of Arts and Crafts projects from Junior 1 right through to Year 9. A multitude of skills are gained and built over the years allowing the students to handle more complex and sophisticated projects. Junior students are able to enjoy wide range of seasonal projects most of which are used in school display. The focus on improving fine motor skills helps with the projects they will be undertaking later in their school life. Older students have access to sewing machines and are able to work both on surface decoration and construction techniques. A focus recently on up-cycling, hand embroidery and string art has enabled students to gain self-confidence and produce quality outcomes.