School Open Day, Monday October 18th

Heathland School is holding an open/taster event on Monday 18th October 2021, where your child can spend the whole day with us enjoying lessons and fun filled activities. Parents are also invited to visit the school between 3.30pm and 4.30pm to see what makes Heathland such a great place. To book your child’s place please ring the school’s admissions office on 01254 234284.

  • Thursday 18th October 2021
  • 9am-3pm
  • Tour the facilities
  • Come along and meet the staff

Now is a great time to be sending your child to Heathland Independent School. We have recently been inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate and were highly praised in a number of areas. Have a look what they had to say about us and our pupils:

‘GCSE results exceeded expectations in the period 2017—2019 and pupils currently in the school often achieve at a level far higher than those expected in relation to their abilities.’

‘Pupils grow in confidence and self-understanding as they move through the school, acquiring high levels of self-knowledge and a readiness to take risks in their learning,’

‘Pupils demonstrate strong communication skills; they are attentive listeners, confident speakers and read and write effectively across the wider curriculum.’

‘Pupils display excellent attitudes in both independent and collaborative learning in class.’

‘Pupils are highly confident; they display resilience and self-discipline and are active in preparing for the next stage in their education.’

‘Pupils’ conduct reflects the strong culture of mutual respect and tolerance in the school.’

‘Pupils are extremely respectful of other cultures and other aspects of diversity within society.’

‘Pupils demonstrate excellent standards of behaviour.’

‘Pupils’ behaviour around school and in lessons is excellent. They strongly support the school’s rules and value greatly the rigour with which these are enforced.’

‘The school’s aim that staff should be seen as excellent role models is amply fulfilled.’

‘More able students and those with SEND have often made excellent progress in relation to their abilities due to the provision of individual support and personally tailored activities in lessons.’

‘Pupils have achieved well in activities outside the classroom such as in art and poetry competitions, swimming and sports.’

You can learn first-hand about the school’s curriculum, assessment, daily routines and learning culture. You will find out about Heathland’s extensive extra-curricular opportunities. We’ll be happy to help answer any questions you have. Can’t make it to this open day? Our doors are open almost every day, just contact the school office.