From 2 Years of Age

Top Nursery is a bright and bustling room full of energetic two-year-olds ready to tackle everything. there is always plenty of activities on offer to keep their busy little minds occupied, following the 10 areas of continuous provision through a 1:4 ratio. Potty training is started after discussing with parents and co-ordinated according to your child's needs, this is one of the steps in preparing for Kindergarten. Top Nursery children love exploring their creative side in the mask making area as well as trekking through our woods on the Gruffalo trail. Parents are shown around the Kindergarten prior to them moving on so that any questions or concerns can be addressed.

Very pleased with the induction period, very accommodating, very understanding staff members. Dean has progressed and settled in nicely. A lot quicker than I anticipated. Thank you very much for everything so far.
 - Deans Mummy