Babies from Three Months Old

Heathland Nursery baby unit welcomes babies from three months old, this is a dedicated area for those babies not yet walking, where they can be cared for in an environment mirroring home with appropriate equipment and toys. The staff ratio for babies is 1:3 which is a cosy, stimulating environment for babies to be nurtured to encourage development at these early stages.

We also have a sensory room for babies and toddlers, this provides a calm environment to enhance all areas of development.

Daily sheets will go home with each child at night that your child's key worker has filled in so parents get an insight into their child's day and what they have eaten/drank and slept. These sheets continue right through the nursery for every child. Each child has their own cot to sleep in when required and we keep to your home sleep routine.

I’m really happy how Elsie is settling in at nursery. I can already see a change in Elsie’s nap routine which she has learnt from nursery so Thank you. She really enjoys her time at Heathlands.
 - Elsie's Mummy