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Taster Days at Heathland

After having a little taster at Heathland Private School I think I’ve made my mind up! Seeing how welcoming every student was to him made it even more special. If anyone is looking for a school that really cares about the children, definitely give them a visit!

School Nativity

A few photos captured of the primary and senior students during the nativity held at Trinity Church

Professional Football Training

A few of our Senior pupils receiving professional football training from an Accrington Stanley coach, as part of their PE lesson this morning

Remembrance Service

The school were proud to attend the Remembrance Service in Oakhill Park


Pictures of our Junior School spooktacular Halloween party! Everybody looked amazing and had a wonderful time.

Autumn Fun

The Primary School joined together to sing campfire songs around the fire pit in anticipation of Bonfire Night.

School Open Day, Monday October 18th

Heathland School is holding an open/taster event on Monday 11 October 2021. Your child can spend the whole day with us enjoying lessons and fun filled activities

School Open Day, Thursday 20th May

If you would like to meet our staff and pupils, and to experience life at Heathland School for yourself come to our open day. We look forward to welcoming you.

Xylitol and Children’s Dental Heath

Use xylitol products and look at switching chewing gum, mints, sweets, toothpaste and mouthwash. Five exposures to xylitol each day will reduce plaque as effectively as brushing your teeth.
Heathland Private School at Christmas

Magical Snow Scenes at Heathand Private School

The snow makes our school look magical this time of year. Happy New Year! We extend our best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2021. We're looking forward to welcoming our children, teachers and staff back to school next week.

Heathland Private School is the answer

If your child isn’t looking forward to going back to school in 2021, then Heathland Private School could be the answer.

Young Writers’ Poetry Competition

We are so proud to announce that some of our Junior School children have won a Young Writers' Poetry Competition and their work will now be published in a book showcasing young writers' work called Peculiar Pets - UK Voices.

KG1 Christmas Party 2020

KG1 have had a fantastic time at their Christmas Party today. They even managed a Socially distanced visit from Father Christmas. The children all asked 'where the Reindeers were?' 'On the roof' Father Christmas said.

Does Private Schooling Offer An Advantage?

Heathland School is dedicated to small class sizes. In contrast, a state school class, especially in popular primaries, can have 30+ pupils. The smaller class sizes offered by Heathland means that more time can be devoted to the educational development of each child.

Lancashire Private School Choices: Why Heathland Is The Best Private School In Lancashire

Heathland is best Private School in Lancashire, we may not be the grandest Private School, we are certainly not the priciest private School, but we boast an excellent reputation as a traditional, caring school, interested in the “whole” child.
Heathland Private School, boy on phone

Minimising screen and computer time for children

A child's brain needs to be challenged with a combination of body movements and mental activities. When these varied challenges occur, the brains neural pathways form and develop. It's all about balancing activities, a little bit of smart phone or computer use is a good thing.

10 Reasons Why Smaller Class Size Is So Important in Education

At Heathland School we have small academic-focused classes. This means our learners get the benefit of focused teaching whilst being able to socialise with the broader Heathland Family. We find that our learners are able to develop relationships with other pupils of a variety of ages.