Lancashire Private School Choices: Why Heathland Is The Best Private School In Lancashire

In Lancashire, parents have the choice of Private Schools or State Schools. At the senior level, parents also have the limited option of a small number of selective Grammar Schools. Heathland is best Private School in Lancashire, we may not be the grandest Private School, we are certainly not the priciest private School, but we boast an excellent reputation as a traditional, caring school, interested in the “whole” child. Although Heathland is a small school, we are big in ambition. We aim for our pupils to leave as mature and responsible young men and women, possessing the skills required to tackle the challenges of modern life.

We all want the best for our children and want them to grow to be independent, to develop good character, to live a healthy lifestyle, and to succeed in the world. For most parents, a good education is at the top of their wish list. Unfortunately, private schools such as Lancashire based Heathland come with a price tag. Private Schools are not funded from the state and local authorities.

Private school fees are surprisingly affordable

We run a tight ship at Heathland, and our private school fees are surprisingly affordable. Many private schools charge high prices for additional items of uniforms, textbooks, transport and meals, but Heathland extras are affordable and kept to a bare minimum.

We like to think that Heathland is a Lancashire Private School whos attendance is not an impossible goal for working parents. Fees are continuing to rise yearly, outpacing the average yearly rise in income. These increases can make it challenging for even well-off families with high paying jobs to ensure their child’s education in a private school.

Our Private School termly fees can be found here, but our Prep school fees start from just £2370 per term (£7110 per year…. you would need to set aside just £20 a day!)

We are the best Private School in Lancashire, but don’t just take our word for it – come and see for yourselves. Every day is an Open Day at Heathland School, so please contact the office and organise a visit.