Heathland School, Report in response to the inspection

The ISI report can be viewed here

1: Due to COVID restrictions all visits from college representatives were cancelled, however, we have implemented ‘START’ a digital careers platform allowing our KS3/4 pupils to build their profiles throughout their academic journey to evidence their career development, informing and supporting their transition to further education and employment. Year 10 pupils can now continue with work experience in the week commencing 21.03.22. Careers’ advisors can now be welcomed into school in the second half of the Autumn Term unless restrictions are re-imposed.

2 and 4: Regular safeguarding training to all staff is delivered termly and recorded. Our safeguarding policy has been updated. All of our school and nursery staff are up-to-date with safeguarding training.

3: Checks were evidenced during the inspection on the Single Central Register.

5: Further time has been assigned for DSL / We have appointed an extra DSL to support the team.

6 and 7: Outside agencies are employed to oversee health and safety requirements and risk assessments. All safety checks have been carried out over summer and in the Autumn Term. Many of these were delayed due to Covid-19. Robust systems of support from professional specialists are now in place. We reassure you that we did continue with regular safety checks on all of our fire safety equipment and appliances. Regular fire drills have been consistent and regular throughout the pandemic.

8: All materials are safely stored in school, in an outside container.

9: A subscription for the continued professional development of staff has been purchased to further provide and support all safeguarding, health & safety, and fire training.

10: Local Authority fully updated regarding pupils who have been removed and added to the school’s admission’s register at non-standard transition times.

12: Single central register was updated during the inspection visit.

13: Accommodation for short-term care of sick and injured pupils, including bed, sink and private toilet now meets this regulation.

14: Leadership and Management are delighted with the excellent teaching and learning report for Heathland School. In fact, the leader of the inspection team commented on the fact pupils did not lose academic achievements during the COVID lockdown, but he praised Heathland as a delightful school. The proprietors have fully committed the financial resources to ensure ongoing training and oversight of leadership and management.

Our regulator for our Early Years Nursery is Ofsted. Please find below the Ofsted related requirements that were checked for compliance following ISI inspection;

Following receipt of ISI report, provider investigation and additional information from yourself and members of staff at the nursery, our findings were Requirement 3.4 is met; there is a safeguarding policy in place that is in line with the statutory framework. This includes reference to the LSCB, indicators of abuse, children who may be vulnerable, procedure to follow in reporting concerns about a child and staff members.

Requirement 3.6 is met; staff have received recent safeguarding training including for DSL, prevent duty, child sexual exploitation and understanding neglect.

Requirement under 3.13 Suitable People, action has been taken; plans for additional and more frequent safeguarding is now in place to ensure as the nominated individual has up to date and in-depth knowledge and understanding of all areas of safeguarding and that associated with recruitment

Requirement under 3.55 and 3.64, action has been taken; the Health & Safety Officer has made arrangements for all safety checks, including fire safety checks and risk assessment, to be updated by the relevant external companies within
the next two weeks.

Heathland School Report in response to the inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, June 2021.

Ofsted are satisfied with the action taken and as a result, an outcome summary will be published to report on the actions taken and the case will be closed.