Details of our Policies and Procedures

Pupils who are offered a place at Heathland School are expected to accept and adhere to the School’s rules and guidelines. Copies of our school rules are issued to each child in their prep diaries upon entry into School, and we ask parents to read these rules to understand what is acceptable in school and to support the school in enforcing these rules. Copies of our policies and procedures may be requested at any time from the office.

School uniform is compulsory for all pupils who attend Heathland as is the completion of homework and attendance at Prize Giving, Sports Day, Concerts etc. The School reserves the right to exclude any pupil whose presence proves incompatible with the life of the School and in such cases, no remission of fees can be made. Heathland school values all feedback and keeps records of any concerns and complaints. Our complaints policy is available upon request from the school office.

There were no formal complaints made to the school in the previous academic year 2019-2020.

Please be advised that the full extent of all policies are available on request from the school office.