School Fees per Term (3 Terms per Year)

Prep 1:  £2,370.00
Prep 2 & 3:  £2,495.00

Lower Juniors:  £2,659.00
Upper Juniors:  £2,739.00

Seniors 1, 2 and 3:  £3,005.00
Senior 4:  £3,241.00
Senior 5:  £3,291.00

There is a reduction of 5% per subsequent sibling.

Additional Costs

  • Book Loan Charge:  £30.50 per Term
  • Swimming:  £59.00 per Term
  • Lunches:  £198.00 per Term
  • Transport:  £242.00 per Term

Optional Extra Subjects (per Term)

  • Piano / Keyboard:  £95.00 (15 minutes)
  • Singing:  £95.00 (15 minutes)


After school supervision is available from 3.30pm. until 5.15 p.m. at a cost of £202.00 per term. An extended period is available from 5.45pm. at a further charge of £53.00. For children who need to arrive in school between 8.00am. and 8.15am. there is a small charge of £27.00 per term.

We also offer a 0% interest-free monthly payment option for school fees. This allows parents to spread the cost of school fees into 12 manageable monthly instalments.

More details are available from the school office. Otherwise, fees are due on the first day of each term and the School reserve the right to increase the fees without giving a Term's notice.

An interest charge will be applied to fees outstanding after the first day of term.

A full term’s notice of withdrawal, or the discontinuation of extra subjects must be given writing and acknowledged by the School or a full term’s fees are due.

No reduction is allowed for absence during the whole or part of the term, for any reason.

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