Does Private Schooling Offer An Advantage?

Each year, parents have to decide whether to send their child to either a state or private school. There are excellent schools in both sectors, but is it worth considering whether a private school education provides enough real advantages to justify the cost. A major advantage of private schooling over state schools is class size. Heathland School is dedicated to small class sizes. In contrast, a state school class, especially in popular primaries, can have 30+ pupils. The smaller class sizes offered by Heathland means that more time can be devoted to the educational development of each child.

The focus on the individual child at Heathland extends to tailoring the curriculum to the pupils’ needs. Heathland acknowledges that children learn in different ways, and understand that different qualifications may suit one child more than another. The attention to specific children’s learning styles would not be possible in the larger classes and national curriculum of state schools.

Development of self-confidence at Heathland

The development of self-confidence is a distinct advantage of the private school system. This is achieved through the emphasis on extra-curricular activities which encourage the development of life-skills such as leadership and teamwork. This self-confidence allows Heathland pupils to take full advantage of networking opportunities.

Heathland School does not tolerate bullying and fosters a strong relationship with parents. Children throughout the school benefit from the feeling of being part of an extended family. We offer a seamless transition from Juniors to our Senior Department, continuing the individual educational plans for each child. We offer up to 12 GCSE’s (or more practical NVQ’s if appropriate), often with subjects taken early. We balance traditional teaching with new strategies and have an excellent computer suite to facilitate the latest technological advances.

We are the best Private School in Lancashire, but don’t just take our word for it – come and see for yourselves. Every day is an Open Day at Heathland School, so please contact the office and organise a visit.